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Fighting Poverty in Zambia

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Help FPZ

We are sure that you must be wondering how you might be able to help us other than just by cash donation, so here are a few ideas:

  • Printing 'T' shirts for fund-raising event organisers.
  • Printing contact cards.
  • Leaflet printing.
  • Promotional pens.
  • Sponsored walks.
  • Coffee morning groups.

We would also welcome advice from experts in the business of sustainable energy projects to offer technical review of concepts, plans and quotations.

We are currently looking into how we might be able to accept donations of equipment for our projects such as water pumps, generators, pipe-work or anything related to achieving forms of sustainable energy in remote villages. Before being specific about our needs we have to be certain that it will be economic to transport items and possible to import them into Zambia.

We should like to hear about your ideas and offers of help so please do get in touch:

Contact FPZ

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