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Community Development Projects

1. Mkolama FPZ Community Centre
The construction of this community facility is now complete and it is hoped that a mains electricity supply can be provided shortly. This will be the centre for FPZ in Eastern Province and will provide meeting facilities for local organisations such as a youth club, football and netball clubs and sewing groups, as well as an outreach location for the Nyamphande Clinic to hold talks and seminar

FPZ House

FPZ Community Centre

FPZ Community Centre

2. Mkolama Sewing Club
Ladies in the village have established a sewing group and are looking forward hopefully to having electricity and using all the machines which have been donated.’

3. Mkolama Youth Football and Netball Teams
Football and netball equipment and kit have been provided by FPZ for local teams.

Mkolama Youth Football Team FPZ

Mkolama Youth Netball Team FPZ

4. Chipata Memorial Library
Work is progressing on the construction of a library in Chipata in Eastern Province and will be sited in the new headquarters of the Anglican Diocese of Eastern Zambia. It will be established and managed under the authority of the Bishop of Eastern Diocese, which is currently Bishop William Mchombo, and become a public facility for the local area to be a memorial to Canon Cyril Mudford who was an Anglican priest in Zambia 1946 - 1966, and a renowned educationalist. He managed schools in an area of Eastern Province and also founded a hostel for 30 Zambian boys, called Holy Cross, which encouraged boys to be educated for vocations such teaching, the priesthood, medical work etc. Many of the boys who passed through Holy Cross went into government posts after Independence, and some became ambassadors for their country.

Some books have been donated already, mainly for use by the Priests of the area, and FPZ has been asked to enable the establishment of the library with the necessary shelves, furniture etc. The furniture and shelving would be made by local craftsmen. On completion of the library a book fund will be set up.

5. Mkolama Water Project
This continues to be a great benefit to the community.

6. Ngoli Education Project This five year education project is now in its third year for students……etc.  The pictures show children from the village school and the current students who are all doing well.

7. Irrigation Equipment With the help of generous donors FPZ has been able to supply five groups in the Nyamphande district of Zambia with much needed sets of irrigation equipment consisting of pumps, hoses and sprinklers which will overcome the uncertainty of the rains.

It will also make it possible to grow crops outside the rainy season providing a wider range of crops which will reduce reliance on the staple crop of maize and give chance of an improved diet while any surplus can be sold in the market as a cash crop.

    FPZ Pumps

    FPZ Pumps

8. Acute Kidney Injury Project at St Francis Hospital Katete.
FPZ is supporting a project with the potential to reduce kidney disease in Zambia -and beyond.

Medical student, Anna Wallace, spent six weeks in St Francis’ Hospital, Katete in August 2015. With her tutor, Doctor Andrew Lewington, she worked out a programme with the potential to avoid kidney disease in many diabetic patients. The trustees have been advised that this is a better approach to the problems associated with kidney disease than supplying kidney dialysis machines.

Dr Lewington is a urinary consultant with a special interest in kidney disease prevention in developing countries and is co-chair of a human rights initiative of the International Society of Nephrology (ISN) [see Zero Preventable Deaths from AKI by 2025]

Hopefully a full report will be available in medical journals in the near future.

9. Mwambula Water Project
This project has now been substantially completed with the installation of a solar powered submersible pump in the existing bore hole and the construction of an elevated storage tank with pipe-work to supply tap stations. The work has been carried out by contractors Davis and Shirtliff from Lusaka. It is hoped to complete this scheme in 2016 with further pipe-work to take the water into the village. Pictures show the work in progress on the site.

Mwambula Storage tank and stand

Mwambula tap station

Unloading materials

The water tower is erected

The tap station is in use



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